SAM is designed to support you in all aspects of your business, both from an engineering perspective as well as from a planning perspective. - SAM Maintenance management software is more than just a tool for traceability, it’s a decision-making tool that puts you in control. Go beyond day-to-day activities. Start leading your business through superior planning & forecasting.

SAM does just that: we make airworthiness & profitability converge, and ensure smooth entry and setup of your fleet, regardless of size, nature and complexity. Once “alive” with SAM, you are able to manage all upcoming maintenance events, short/long term as well as unforeseen.

Stay up-to-date with ADs or SBs
SAM is one of the first software solutions to offer a direct interface with ATP Aviation Hub. Just enter your ATP Library subscription number in SAM and start searching for any ADs or SBs relevant for your aircraft. Any relevant information is automatically transferred between ATP Aviation Hub and SAM.


Group Sharing - makes SAM different from other maintenance management systems on the market!
If you have more than one legal identity (under same umbrella) or you like to “host” third party CAMO/145, SAM has a unique feature incorporated to manage this and still provide integrity. This is attractive if you “move” AC among companies under same “umbrella” since, we easily manage to change operator status on aircraft without having to re-enter basic info and history. ASA Software ensures a smooth change of operator status including all owner information, tasks, components, notes, history, log and much more from one operator to another.

Cost savings
In many situations, this can be not only time saving, but also have a large impact on your cost as your aircraft easily moves from operator to operator and becomes quickly operational again.

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