SAM is designed to meet the needs and requirements for the Maintenance Repair & Overhaul industry under Part 145. Our MRO software Package offers optimized management of your operation with real time inventory stocking levels, faster planning and rescheduling of maintenance tasks and accurate invoicing creation.

SAM support you as an MRO on these parameters

  • Unlimited Work order and Task Card creation
  • Accurately build invoice with work order
  • Track Inventory from cradle-to-grave
  • Easily generate purchase orders
  • Keep track of repair & exchange orders
  • Create a paperless environment
  • Trace and manage any and all documents
  • Track maintenance for customers
  • Create Form One and Release Certificate (Form 8130-3)
  • Project managing
  • Receive new requests for 3.ed party maintenence.
  • Import 3rd party aircraft status and proposed work orders.
  • Automatic selection of quoted man hours and spare parts.
  • More​

Being an MRO the challenge is on performing the various checks properly, timely and in a cost effective manner in order to minimize “downtime”, and ensuring the aircraft to enter back into service preferable before scheduled deadline. This generates satisfied customers “in house” as well as third party, and therefore it is evidently that a reliable MRO software is a must to fulfil this goals.

ASA has created a highly professional MRO software to assist you with controlling and tracking all maintenance events including spare-part status. This to ensure that all needed information is on hand in due time before you start your work order. 

When an order is completed, and closed it will be processed to the financial module for invoicing, as well as it will be transferred to company ERP system.

Cost savings

We have seen substantial savings where SAM has been operational for in some months, this arising from better inventory control, optimized work procedures, faster information gathering and decision making, and instant access to aircraft history.

On inventory a minimum of 5% on cost savings having the parts ready in time, cost saving on purchase order as it is ordered only when needed and at “best price” due to the fact we “know what is needed” in advance.

On man-hours we see savings as high as 20% on optimizing the business processes.

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