Our Technology Foot Print

In many situations, a professional and modern competitive technological foot print is extremely important and holds the foundation to create an interactive and state-of-the-art future of products as the market demands changes. 

That has always been our strategy and is what we bring to our customers when they chose a solution from ASA Software and in turn prepare themselves for future enhancement of the system.

Based on Progress Software as the core RDBMS technology and with a modern user interface on top, spanning from C# over HTML to todays leading mobile platform iOS and Android, ASA Software provides solutions in Windows environment.

The system can be installed in standalone environment, in a server environment or it can be provided as an ASP solution with a fixed monthly lease fee.

Our system SAM is completely based on open standards and no proprietary runtime is needed.

Our reports are all created in SAP Crystal Reports and you can easily create and expand the report portfolio, by creating your own tailored reports.