Why SAM? What are the benefits?

SAM users has for many years benefited from our proven, comprehensive and feature rich Operator-CAMO and Maintenance Repair Organisation's  Software, which has been developed throughout two decades.

  • SAM is a mature and feature-rich system tailored for Aircraft  Operators (CAMO) and Maintenance (MRO) businesses
  • SAM as a quality product incorporates the industry many specialties in an intelligent way
  • SAM focus is on innovation in close cooperation with our customers allowing them to benefit from our enhancement directly onto their core business
  • SAM always has an 18-24-month road-map approach ensuring that our customers are well aware in which direction our company and product evolves.
  • SAM is designed with an intuitive “two click” approach where all information is no more than two click away from the user
  • SAM has a modular approach which means our customers can “grow as they go” and still enable a positive ROI within 24 month
  • SAM also offers its customers a “Best Practice” procedures enabling a speeded up implementation process and long lasting sound usage of SAM
  • SAM also offers a paperless environment even many still prefer work papers
  • SAM reduces cost on AOG’s and daily purchasing routines
  • SAM introduces the benefit of increased cost control in many areas – components, parts and resources
  • SAM support and services personnel offers a well acknowledge service with in depth knowledge of the industry
  • SAM and ASA also offers flexible ways of financing the purchase, either benefitting our customer’s choice of OPEX or CAPEX


  • Less staff to manage Aircraft’s – skilled planner to handle 3-4 High utilization AC’s
  • Fleet Status in a glance – examples of min. 15% savings using customized KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Cost control – examples of min. 20-30% more effectiveness


  • Efficient workflow from quotation to invoice  – examples of up to 30% more effectiveness
  • Minimize AC time on ground – faster to operations – examples of 15-20% times saved
  • “paperless” environment – saving the forest


  • Fast and easy Aircraft profile build – examples of 50% savings
  • Analyzing and engineering work order – examples of 15% savings


  • Provide fast & easy overview of the spare part situation
  • Large savings on purchase due to interaction with work orders – “just in time purchase”
  • “Just in Time” purchase improves cash flow
  • Provides full cost overview of project


All numbers are in comparison with Excel, Access and other home grown solution