Welcome to the new SAM 11 from  Airline Software Applications 

SAM 11 takes advantage of the proven technology of Progress OpenEdge 11 and comes with a new approach for the basic screen layout such as:


These new features enables each user to personalize SAM, and will make the use of SAM much easier.

Appart from that you will also find a lot of system improvement which also will make life easier for your as an OPERATOR or MRO


1. Tree view menus.

Below is described how this will work.

2. Resizeable windows

Drag the edge or corner of any window to expand the visible area

Inside the window, drag the separation lines/bars to resize windows internally.

Remember personal settings

SAM remembers you last setting for window size to the next time you open it.

Single Document Interface (SDI) window

The well know single windows where each new view opens is in its own window.

6.Multiple Document Interface ( MDI) window

An all in one window approach where each new window opens on a folder in the main window.

 To switch between the SDI and MDI interface use  the buttons in top left corner.




Alll windows have a menu bar in the top of the  window:


Key Performance Indicators

You have the option to see Key Performance Indicator’s when starting SAM or at any time during your session.

The welcome screen is set up to show Key Performance Indicators of your choice

Personalisation - For each KPI ”window” you have the option to chose from a list wich KPI you want to see on you screen, and SAM will remember it.


Bug reporting

One of the KPI' s you can choose is Automatic Bug Reporting and Following.

Wishes and errors reported this way is automatically recorded by ASA’s ticket system wich is obligatoty to any change or correction to SAM.
Ones recorded a ticket will alert SAM support programmer who will decide which action to take and classify the report.

You will at any time be able to follow the status of your report..

Fleet Management using graphical maintenance viewer

This is version one (1) of SAM’s new graphical maintenance viewer, plan is to extend the functionality along with customer requests.