Maintenance in the palm of your hands

By Hans Pontoppidan, CEO of Airline Software Applications.

I recently read this article,MSUC,3H5Z1S,1H8CG,1#sthash.x1holrkN.dpuf   in “MRO-Network”, which lead me to raise the following questions:

Many many companies do not have a mega budget that allows them to contract with these large MRO providers, but still have the need for an affordable MRO system that allows them to
- predict when maintenance tasks and modifications are due
- improve workflow
- increase operational efficiency, maintenance processes and profit margins.
- streamline processes and maximize productivity

So is it at all possible to acquire an MRO solution that satisfies these needs and is well within your budget?

Yes, I think it is possible to find such a system. There are many providers of small-scale MRO system providers who all say that they do provide the ultimate system for exactly your company, but you need to look carefully and consider if they actually provide what your need and can live up to you expectations.

Here are some key points to look for, apart for the functionality:

1. Are they trustworthy?

2. Do they provide the support you need?

3. Do they satisfy your need for customization and flexibility?

4. Is it possible to have the system integrated with your other IT SOLUTIONS?

5. How difficult is to learn and operate the system.

6. Will they keep you updated with new functionalities and features?

Another think to consider, is the fact that that it influences a lot on your internal procedures “handbook” so your organization must be prepared to adopt the new MRO system and you must invest in education.