Welcome to Airline Software Applications (ASA), which you may already know by personal experience or from your network.  We have been in the aircraft maintenance industry for more than 20 years with our Simplifying Aircraft Maintenance software SAM.

ASA has background in the Nordic countries known for simplicity and outstanding design. You will notice that our expression has smooth lines, a firm expression and clear colors, all representing the simplified values of ASA. This is how we view our company and this is how we would like to do business.

What distinguishes ASA from others suppliers is the simplicity in our organisation and products, which you will experience dealing with us or working with the system. We simply want to be easy to work with, and we stribe to create a business environment which must benefit all parties and out products has been designed with simplicity in mind. 

Therefore we would like to offer you the best possible solutions both in terms of software, but also in terms of ways how to finance our software. We offer both OPEX and CAPEX oriented financial methods such as ASP, by Flight Hours, lease  or simply purchase the software. 


  • High Return on Investment ratio
  • Improved credibility with your customer and aviation authority
  • Time saving procedures and best practice methods
  • Reduce cost on AOG's and daily parts purchasing rutines
  • Increased cost control in many areas - components, parts, resources
  • Extensive support with industry knowledgeable personnel
  • and also the benefit of smooth implementation services enabling to quickly go live

All in all we would like to welcome you as a customer and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact right away.