Yes, by pressing F1 in any module in SAM you get the latest updated user manual.   

By contacting support via  e-mail, SKYPE or telephone via info listed under "Contact us" 

Yes, by using Help menu in Master module, and from here choose "Start remote support"

ASA updates SAM through patches! – Customers constantly ask for new, changed or improved functionality. Such request is recorded by ASA in a central database and makes the ground for the issue of patches.

Yes, you can run SAM software remotely through our ASP solution  (Application Service Providing), or if running Stand alone via VPN connection.

No, The only limit in SAM is the amount of purchased modules and concurrent users

Yes this can be done on the fly after you have purchased necessary licenses.​

By following the Administrator user manual (Only forwarded to selected staff)

Nothing except that uncommitted data is discarded. Data is committed as soon as you save a record or close a dialog. 

Read chapter 1.2 in SAM on line manual, press F1 key in any SAM modules

Yes, if you click on top of a coloum and this coloum changes color you simly press Ctrl + X and you get it into Excel format.

Yes, if you pres ALT + F10 you will get an overview of various useful key options

Each individual module you will find a list of relavant status codes to be used.