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SAM NewGen Pre-Announcemet

SAM NewGen – enabling the platform for the future

Airline Software Applications pre-announces the upcoming and latest upgrading of the Simplifying Aircraft Maintenance (SAM) platform intended to enabling SAM to make use of advanced technologies like Tablet’s and Smartphones and enabling new graphical possibilities like Gant charts for better planning, key performance indicator in form of a Business Intelligence layer and much more.

The SAM platform has also undertaken an overhaul, which now makes it much more flexible and user friendly, but still maintains its well-known two click away approach.



As a new functionality, ASA has taken its first step into providing our customers with pre-defined Business Intelligent information at a glans. This BI information enables planners, engineers and management to easily obtain status of their particularly area of interest. It could be a revenue chart or a speedometer showing progress of today’s work and many more indicators. Eventually, ASA will create a catalogue of BI Apps all real-time and tailored per function or person.  


The layout of the SAM NewGen is highly flexible and scalable and as all windows and dialogues now can resize to the individual users need and wish in a true Windows environment. Also, the navigation of the system has been brought up to date and for example is the search capabilities highly improved plus many other navigation short cuts all making it much easier to handle the SAM NewGen.