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DK-6400 Soenderborg

Main number: +45 7444 9095

Phone:     +45 7444 9095

Phone:   +45 7444 9095


Phone:    +45 7444 9095


Hans Pontoppidan

Phone: +45 2225 4237

Skype:  hanspontoppidan

Consultants in Germany:

Markus Puschmann is an efficient and proven implementation partner for both CAMO and MRO system. Markus Puschmann could be involved in implementation processes giving proof of its professional project management/ auditing/training/consulting/etc. skills. The involvement of Total Quality Consulting stands for precise, cost-effective installation and implementation processes. Apart from offering implementation support, Markus assists ASA and our customers with 19 years of professional experience in Aircraft Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Management…” 

Contact Markus on the following e-mail: