• 03-01-2017

    SAM NewGen release

    Entering into the year of 2017 we are proud to be able to release our new version of SAM.  All SAM10 customers will be offered to get SAM11 within the scope of their support agreement, and to run it parallel to SAM10.  

  • 10-08-2016

    Airline Software Applications has been shortlisted for 20 Most Promising Aerospace Solution Providers 2016

    In the last few months our editorial research team has analyzed over 500 companies providing solutions and services in the Aerospace sector and shortlisted companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges. We are glad to let you know that Airline Software Applications has been shortlisted based on merit to be part of this special edition. We are coming up with our 3rd annual edition on Technology in Aerospace industry. As part of this issue, we will present "20 Most Promisi

  • 01-08-2016

    SAM NewGen in live test

    At the end of june 2016 SAM ver 11 also called SAM NewGen was put into live test on production data and the first response is positive and promissing.